Stephenson County Historical Society

Veterans' Survey 

We need your help! As part of our exhibit on Stephenson County military service, we would like an inventory of as many of Stephenson County’s veterans as we can find.  If you are a veteran who currently or used to live in Stephenson County, or if you know someone who is, please fill out this form or pass it on to someone else. Please feel free to use additional paper if needed. 

The questionnaires are being organized in a three-ring binder available to museum visitors and school students for study and research, but they will not be published or sold. In addition, a copy will be in our permanent archives. 


Completed forms can be sent to the Stephenson County Historical Society, 1440 S. Carroll, Freeport, IL 61032 or e-mailed to the Historical Society Director at

Thank you for helping us to preserve the memories of our military servicemen and 
servicewomen for future generations! 

1. What is your full name? 

2. What branch of service were you in? 

3. What dates did you serve from enlistment/draft to discharge? 

4. What rank did you attain? 

5. What was your unit type (engineers, pilot, artillery, etc.)? 

6. What were your impressions of the area in which you served? 

7. What were your impressions of the people who lived in the area? 

8. What was your most harrowing/dangerous experience? 

9. What was your most gratifying experience? 

10. How long were you away from home? 

11. Have you attended any service reunions? 

12. Do you keep in touch with any people who were in the same unit? 

13. Do you participate in any veterans organizations? 

14. Do you have any special mementos/good luck pieces from your 

15. What job(s) have you held since you completed your military service? 

Thank You for helping us collect and preserve the history of Stephenson County!