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Arboretum and Gardens


The Taylor family loved nature, flowers, plants and gardening.  They named their estate "Bohemiana" to reflect their artistic souls.  Oscar Taylor loved his roses best.  The family planted many trees and shrubs and experimented by planting exotic, non-native plants.  Many of these survive today. In 1892, the youngest girl of the family,  Charissa Taylor, chose the garden for the site of her wedding to Frank Bass.


Today there are over 50 varieties and species of trees on the grounds.  

Some of the more unusual include Bald Cypress, Persimmon, Witch Hazel,

Purple Beech, Kentucky Coffee Tree, Ohio Buckeye, Shagbark Hickory,

Yellow Poplar, and Ginkgo.


The Largest Yellow Birch in Illinois (listed on the Illinois Big Tree Register

in 1983) grows stately near the Taylor House.


Beautiful gardens are meticulously groomed by a volunteer group aptly

named "The Taylor Gardeners". They can always use another pair of hands!

See the "Volunteer" page for more information.




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