Museum and Society News
March 18, 2019 
Due to the coronavirus situation, the museum will be closed until further notice.  We will reassess the situation in April.  The office will remain open with limited hours.  If you have questions or concerns please call us at 815-232-8419. 
June, 2019
The National Museum of Arcade Toys
adds a Ten Foot Arcade Dollhouse!
This dollhouse is an exact replica of a rare dollhouse offered by the Arcade Mfg. Co. about 1930.  Only a few originals are known to exist.  The dollhouse was built by Robert Kaplafka, and assisted by several volunteers. It is furnished with original, authentic room settings and furniture.  
December 2018- Freeport's City Hall Time Capsule Comes to the Historical Society
2018 saw the demolition of Freeport’s old City Hall, built in 1899. It was a sad event for many historically-minded citizens.  Fortunately, the original time capsule was located, saved, and donated to the Stephenson County Historical Society. The contents are now on exhibit in the Taylor Home Museum's changing exhibit room.